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When sensory immersion makes sense

This winter, the American outerwear brand Woolrich inaugurated a very special flagship store in Milan, with an immersive extreme weather experience room, where customers can try out parkas in freezing temperatures such as minus 20°C.

This sensory experience aims to convey the Woolrich story (in 1972, the brand invented the Arctic Parka to protect Alaskan pipeline workers from sub-zero weather) and to prove the effectiveness of its product to customers, by allowing them to test them in real cold conditions.
A smart way to move from a brand rational speech to an emotional engagement of customers.

Indeed, consumption mode is evolving towards an experiential one, where products “to live” are preferred to products “to be exhibited”. Immersive experience creation is one the key trends that Tilt ideas spotted in its last Customer Experience Observatory.

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Gaëlle Babaud, manager