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[Spotted in Colombia] Poker, a beer “to share and to enjoy with friends”!

The Bavaria Cerveceria is a Colombian brewery created in 1889 by a German migrant called Leo S.Kopp. Its most famous beer is Aguila, but this summer, our attention was drawn by Poker.
At first, the brand seems to be quite traditional, with pretty basic bottle and design. But once the consumer starts drinking his beer, he discovers the twist! The brand offers him to play a small game with his friends: the one that gets the highest card number (written on the capsule) gets to pay the round. Pretty easy, but also very user-friendly. With a small tag and a simple hook, Poker succeeds in conveying its motto “para compartir y disfrutar between amigos”!

‽ How about helping your consumers create a ritual around your product or service consumption? If you achieve that, the memory of your brand will last even longer. And, as this example shows us, it can be very easy to implement…