Conseil en innovation stratégique

Make room for creativity !

In a context of increased competition where any business seems to be potentially disrupted by newcomers, the injunction is to innovate at all costs. Thus, to explore and nurture new ideas, the right mind frame is essential and “creative thinking” is more than ever expected of workers. Support from managers, a non-judgmental approach, a certain freedom to create– these are all important cultural requirements. However, the physical environment is too often neglected.

Indeed, the design of office space has an impact on work culture, it’s not just the vibe but it inspires new ways of working: as work and workers evolve, so should the workplace. An environment that inspires, connects people and reflect the values and “why” of a brand, will create a mind frame that is collaborative, open and stimulated. Helping people getting comfortable with (and enjoy) working in cross-functional, cross-disciplinary teams, sharing ideas, building together, is not that easy.

A building for the workers, by the workers?

Following that logic, Danone and Danone Africa introduced last December Linux, the brand-new headquarters of Blédina, it’s baby food branch. Its name, Linux, is a tribute to the free and open source operating system. Indeed, the building co-created by its workers aims to foster specific qualities in its collaborators: flexibility, openness, collaboration, and creativity.

The architectural concept based on fluidity and roundness aims to promote a better “living together”: at the center of everything, a huge atrium from which everything is connected. Moreover, the place provides some uncommon services in traditional companies, such as a breasting room for mums, and a collaborative kitchen, open to all, from partners to customers and young parents. The kitchen is also used for the marketing and R&D teams to test their new products, in collaboration with customers.

‽ Creativity is not just the privilege of some gifted individuals, everybody can be creative and offer new and refreshing ideas. The question is how to help foster and develop these qualities in your employees! That is why we created the “AMPLI” (for amplify),  a specific space dedicated to innovation. In need of inspiration? Come to us, we’ll be happy to give you a tour!

Claire de Ponsay