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BingoBox, a 100% automatized shop

Bingobox, a Chinese convenient store working with WeChat or Alipay is a perfect example of a smart use of digital in store.

How does it work? Located in Zhongshan, in the Guangdong province, the shop is opened 24/7 and offers convenience products. BingoBox looks like a small container on wheels and displays 800 or 500 references. In order to shop there, clients have to scan a QR code to be identified in order to open the door. Once the client is done shopping, he puts his products on a check-out system with RFID reading abilities, and can pay via his mobile wallet after scanning a QR code.

For further security, the camera acts as a watchman, and the client is entirely scanned on his way out to detect the number of articles bought. In case of fraud, the door won’t open.

Notable fact: this concept was designed to be mobile, and it is possible to make the shop move according to your needs via your smartphone app.

‽ What about your concepts?  Can you use digital tools to make your customers’ journeys as seamless as possible in order to reduce their “pain points”?