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Making Sense in Daily-Routine

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For routine services or products, one of the best ways to make sense for clients is by brightening up their everyday life… as far as it is truly consistent with you brand purpose.

And this starts by little extras. In France, the national railway company – SNCF – did that by setting up some short stories dispensers in train stations, for entertaining freely its captive and stressed commuters. This initiative is perfectly aligned with the brand mission – “travelling better is living better” – and comes in addition with multiple other services for enthusing your travel . Although, for this to become effective for your brand equity, you must first ensure the basics… and it’s still not always the case (i.e. punctuality, cleanliness, safety and… kindness)!

At the end, a combination of little extras can provoke a real “snowball effect” helping your brand to stand up from the crowd: for example, just think about how the repackaging of its retailer brand helps Monoprix to revitalize its whole brand (see there).

So, have you thought about what you can do for sparkling up your clients’ daily-routine? At Tilt, we truly believe in the power « warmth added » services or products to bring a new sense of purpose for brands.