Conseil en Prospective, Marque et Innovation

« It’s just a store, like I’m just an old lady »

The most interesting thing about this flagship is its treatment of technology. For Craig Hills, Pirch’s director of digital operations, the challenge was about making technology personal and useful in a way that enhances — rather than detracts from — the ultimate consumer shopping experience. He explains that “The interactions inside a Pirch store don’t necessarily involve a digital component”. For him, “there’s tremendous value in getting a guest a cup of coffee, talking with them about their dream kitchen and giving them the opportunity to explore the vignettes — opening cabinets, turning on faucets and comparing and contrasting slabs of stone and marble”.

When necessary, Pirch simply joined the value of analog interactions with the efficiency of digital components, to create the perfect combination for its guests.

‽  Technology is a incomparable tool to collect data, facilitate your customers’ life, and stay in touch with them, but what if it was it ?As Jeffrey Sears and Jim Stuart would say, what if the greatest experience you could give  your « guests » was about coffee, smile and empathy ? Once again, technology could help you be more human, not the opposite.