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Well, it’s time to copy Chinese pragmatic innovation

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When Inesa, a big lightning manufacturer specialized in LED, arrives in Europe, with the strong ambition to conquer its public lightning markets, it comes with a breakthrough – although uncomplicated – marketing innovation towards municipalities.

The pitch is simple as ABC: if a municipality needs to renew its old, non-LED, public lightning equipment but have no money for that, Inesa proposes to change it completely for free, with the most recent LED technology.

In return, the municipality undertakes to pay Inesa with the amount of energy savings realized with its new lightning infrastructure for 3 to 5 years, the time required to amortize fully Inesa’s investment.

And more is coming, as Inesa will set up a 3Bn€ fund to help cities financing municipal lighting modernization…

‽ Innovation never has to be complicated, as far as it addresses the right problem to solve in its market / for its users. Sometimes, the problem is so obvious that you can’t even see it: that’s the reason why we recommend to adopt regularly a new comer approach to your market. Think about it… what would you do if you were a new comer, willing to overtake your market and your company’s market share ?