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From Budapest to Toronto, story of a pastry

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Eva’s Original Chimneys, or how to transform an eastern European specialty into one of Canada’s wildest success!

Eva was born and raised in Budapest and emigrated during the revolution. From her years in Hungary, she kept a lot of stories, but also a very special recipe of chimney cakes, the famous Kürtoskalács. Her grandchildren, fond of this delicious cake, decided to bring it to Canada.

They are now deploying foodtrucks and pop up stores all over Toronto.

In their flagship store, people can enjoy watching the skilled preparation of the chimney while queuing to taste this delicious pastry. The concept is a huge success, mainly thanks to word of mouth, but is also achieved thanks to their broad presence on social networks.

And of course, all ingredients are organic!

‽ People love products with a story, an origin. In the line of Eva’s Chimney cakes from Budapest, can you enhance your products value through storytelling ?

Virginie Grillet, special reporter for Tilt ideas in Toronto