Conseil en innovation stratégique

Please make the effort to live your experience as a client

Have you ever slept in a hotel room and said to yourself: “One thing is certain; this room is anything but designed to sleep well”?

Here is the -unfortunately too classical- story. You go to this fancy design hotel after a very loooooong day, telling you: “I deserved a good night”. But, woe to you, when you turn off the light it’s a real Sound-and-Light 4D show: indicator lights everywhere, AC in your face, no blackout curtains, no sound insulation, slamming doors… In short, a night of horror. Yet, the hotel features were so terrific: swimming pool on the roof, minimalist design, spa…

Thankfully, this should not happen at Fairmont Hotels & Resorts: so that its employees know and understand better the expectations of its luxury hotels customers, the company led each employee to experience the hotels as a customer.

But this shouldn’t remain a luxury reserved for luxury chains at the time of “access premium” strategies and whereas the peer’s recommendation becomes essential in the choice process.

‽ If differentiation strategies are essential, never lose sight of your basic contract/clients’ basic needs: it’s just common sense but it happens to often. If your basic contract is not fully respected, your differentiation can’t be sustainable.