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Our activities

We offer work processes combining our three expertises, nested like Russian dolls

Innovative strategies

See and understand the future(s)

  • Scenario planning, to develop future scenarios for your company
  • Trend observatories
  • Ad hoc trendspotting
  • Qualitative research

Innovation cultures

Invent differentiating strategic routes

  • Brand (re)positioning
  • Creating brands, names and logos
  • Strategic thinking on brand extension, co-branding and brand portfolios

Innovation systems

Give birth to your projects with you

  • Setting up and conducting internal innovation processes (open innovation)
  • Creating new products, services, brands, initiatives, stores, commitments
  • Generating ideas with consumer involvement
  • Building a culture conducive to innovation & Training on creativity and innovation
  • Prototyping

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1st conviction:
Each strategic reflection must start by opening the scope of (im)possibilities

The future of a company or of a brand isn’t built by shooting down perspectives: too many companies have been victims of changes they couldn’t or refused to anticipate. For us, a strategic reflection is like angling: we would rather throw the stopper far away and reel in afterwards to see what is desirable and feasible on the short- to mid-term shore

Our methodology Blow Your Fuses© brings together people with different sensibilities from the inside and the outside your company – who are given free rein to envision all possible outcomes considering your problems to solve

Don’t turn away from possible futures before you’re certain you don’t have anything to learn from them” – Richard Bach, someone used to reach for the stars

2nd conviction:
Positive wonder is the ultimate guarantee of absolute success

In a world of hyperchoice where everything seems to exist already, one cannot rely on a competitive strategy. A strategy must be sensational to convince collaborators and consumers

Eliciting wonder whilst remaining trusted is one of the key strategic challenges of years to come. This is a constant objective of our work and initiatives. We bet on foresight and enthusiasm-inducing proofs to rally

I don’t expect anything other than being offered the unexpected” – Agrippine, ultimate spokeswoman for her generation Y

3rd conviction:
A brand is meant to brand

Markets being overloaded, customers are swamped with information and their attention span is dramatically shrinking

Given this current state, we believe that brands must find their “nail” – one to two words that sum up their differentiating advantages – which they will strive to hammer in the minds of their employees and clients whenever possible

A brand must aim at taking ownership of a word in its customers’ minds” – Al & Laura Ries, consultants from father to daughter

4th conviction:
A lasting brand today cannot rely on “sense-washing”

Our study Brandgagement shows that in an ever uncertain world, the emotional attachment and the consumer’s loyalty mainly go to brands that nurture engagement as much as satisfaction. It is thus the brands’ ability to articulate appropriate offer and meaning that will make them last

The ability to contribute to a “positive growth” where the increase of sales goes hand in hand with a happy economic, social and environmental footprint will become the ultimate goal. It is not about redistributing profits to various causes anymore but about the way employees, suppliers and clients are handled

Unemployment is not natural” – Gunter Paoli, magician who paints the economy in blue

5th conviction:
Transforming a brand means driving change

Transforming a brand means driving change, and typically it cannot happen without the involvement and approval of coworkers

This is the reason why we work collaboratively on our brand missions

The stone doesn’t hope to become something other than a stone. But collaborating allows it to build and become a temple” – Antoine de St Exupéry, great prince

6th conviction:
Innovation starts with the identification of the « so-called » rules

In every market, every company and in the head of every coworker there are rules, customs, beliefs, habits… that are held onto without being questioned. Innovation drives us to think and act differently ; forces us to think and act outside the box

Rather than Schumpeter’s “creative destruction”, we strive towards “inventive disobedience” which forces us to always question these so-called rules. Indeed, our tool DrDR© aims to identify these rules and to differentiate between the essential and the outdated ones – which, if broken, lead to innovation.

Innovation starts with the questioning of the so-called rules” – Anita Roddick, the Mother Teresa of Unusual Business

7th conviction:
There is no innovation without enthusiasm

A real innovation is first and foremost the enthusiasm it sparks among its creators and consumers, both during its creation and its distribution. Indeed, the success of a brand or of a new product starts with the enthusiasm of your employees, of your clients and the way they will assimilate the brand’s mission or the latest innovation to better advertise them

It is the reason why we approach all our innovation missions collaboratively and that we strive to help you transform your culture and develop the Initiative Quality (IQ) of the people you work with

“A mediocre idea that generates enthusiasm will go further than a great idea that inspires no one” – Mary Kay Ash, activist businesswoman

8th conviction:
Foresight must help envision desirable futures

Foresight is not envisioning the future through the prism of the present but the art of thinking the present through the prism the future. In other words, turning an endured, anxiety-inducing future – a foresight built on data – into a chosen, aspirational future – a foresight built on the vision of a project. The future is your best ally: you can shape it

Our methodology Utopia Rising© was created to give new meaning to your company’s and brands’ projects by revealing the potential of the utopias of our time, analyzed in our “Utopia Box”, which can largely federate our contemporaries

The future is not a place we go to but a place we create.
The paths do not need to be found but created” – John Homer Schaar, optimistic believer and rebel

Tilt ideas : the team

Our team

A firm co founded by Brice Auckenthaler, Sophie Combes, and Kea & Partners, consultants with diverse backgrounds

A 30 independent experts network
Creative, sociologists, editors, screenwriters, strategic planners, doctors, nutritionists, anthropologists, ethnologists, developers …

An international network of trendspotters
Brussels, Casablanca, London, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, Shanghai, Stockholm, Tokyo

Our group Kea

Kea is co-shareholder of Tilt ideas
Kea is the 7th French management consulting firm
150 consultants in France, and 400 consultants worldwide

Tilt ideas and Kea form with Kea Prime and Co a consulting group dedicated to all aspects of business transformation

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L'Ampli, our workspace

L’Ampli, our workspace dedicated to our clients, within our offices, is designed to amplify the effect of your collective events: 6 modular rooms and “atmospheres”, friendly design, creative tools and technologies, consulting, entertainment and events planning skills alltogether …

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