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Speakers in kit

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This month, Audio technology company Bose announced a new wireless Bluetooth speaker for children (8 years old and older) called the BOSEbuild Speaker Cube. This product has the particularity to be in kit, so that the users have to build it before use. The kit connects with a companion app, giving users a step-by-step set of instructions to build their own speaker, along with other experiments and activities. To be fully involved in the creation, customization options are available such as different colored lighting effects and « swappable silhouette covers », which add a personal touch to the finished build-it-yourself speaker.

The Speaker Cube is just the first product in the BOSEbuild line, accompanying the BoseBuild education program, that aims to teach young people about the science of sound.

This approach seems somehow similar to Apple‘s upcoming app Swift Playground, which will present a visual, entertaining angle on teaching kids how to code.

‽ Now that knowledge can be found everywhere, have you thought about empowering your consumers ? Giving them the opportunity to learn more about your savoir-faire, and to become real « makers » ?