Conseil en innovation stratégique

The robots, the new objects of desire

For a long time the robots have remained cold, more disturbing than charming, assigned to repulsive tasks as industrial as repetitive.

The etymology bears witness to this. When the Czech Karel Capek created the word for the first time in a play (“Rossum’s Universal Robot”) in 1920, it was inspired by the word “robota” which means “worker”

However, robots are no longer stuck to the factory  but are now in our lives and evoking empathy or even glamor.

Like the sensual alterity that we find on the screens in Ex Machina, Her or WestWorld, Karl Largerfel has seized the tune of time through the last Spring Summer 2017 parade, this time opened by two robots lovely dressed in Chanel.

The robots have not finished exciting our imagination.

‽ And you, what brand / company position will you adopt towards these artificial beings that can substitute human interactions in front or back office? The defense of human employment against artificial intelligences or the promotion of new forms of services as charming as tireless and non-unionized?