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East side VS. West side (part bajillion)

It is no secret that one must cater to the Chinese consumers specifically in order to appeal to them and that one cannot expect a model developed for the Western market to be successful in China without significant adjustments. The ones underestimating this finding ended up being overtaken by Chinese versions of their concepts. Such has been the case for AirBnB with Tujia, of Amazon with Alibaba, or of Grindr with Blued.

This is the reason why Alibaba is launching Ingenico in Europe which will allow Chinese travelers to use Alipay when shopping in Europe. 120 million Chinese people traveled last year and spent $875 each on average. Alipay targets Chinese exclusively and this is a promising sign for the endeavor: it is tailor-made for their needs.

‽ One size does not fit all and making adjustments to facilitate the Chinese customer’s experience is crucial. To build more trust, brands are making themselves more available, providing detailed information and embracing the Chinese way. What is your plan to seduce the 1,383 billion Chinese consumers?