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Trend Atawad : the anti-über is on the move

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Uber, in many ways, is a breakthrough initiative which embodies hypercapitalism (the app’s algorithm automatically raises fees when weather is bad or demand is high…)

Halfway around the globe, in Israel, La Zooz (Hebrew for « on the move »), is testing a sort of a cooperative ride-hailing service -created by a former EBay developer – where people acquire digital tokens for rides by giving lifts to others. One Zooz token converts to a penny, and at the current rate, booking a ride costs a tenth of the price of Uber. The project has already raised $120,000 from supporters and friends and has even persuaded Ernst & Young to provide accounting services in exchange for Zooz tokens.

Tilt ideas sees this « community  responsibility » initiative as a hitchhiking service which reduces traffic, spares the environment and provides a fair share of wealth to its contributors.

‽ In this digital era, we are definitely shifting from « connecting people to infos » to « connecting people to services ». What if you could add a bit of an idealistic twist into your existing offers, for your customer’s best ?