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The secret of Happiness

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The Harvard study on adult development may be the longest study of adult life that’s ever been done. During 75 years, 724 men have been observed…. Now these men have 2000 children that are studied too. Since 1938, the 2 groups of men’ lifes have been tracked: Harvard students and boys from Boston poorest neighborhoods. All these men, from 1938 to nowadays, began their adult life with hope of money, high achievement or fame… The big question of the study is: what is the secret of happiness ? After observing all these lives for all these years, are money, fame and high achievement the reasons of happiness ?

No. Having good relationships is. Good relationships in their couple, family, community… Good relationships with your environment. Good relationships protect our body and brain… and morale. It is the best prediction for life expectancy and a healthy life.

‽ What if it was the same with brands ? What if the best prediction for life expectancy and strength of brands would be customer relationships above all?

If you want to see more about it, please watch the TED video here : Video , Or on the website